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Transport Canada
Civil Aircraft Register
Exemption Search
Airworthiness Directives
CAWIS - Continuing Airworthiness Web Information System
WSDRS - Web Service Difficulty Reporting System
CAR's General
CAR's Regulation 605 Div.II Aircraft Equipment Requirements
CAR's Standard 507 App. "A" Application for "C of A"
CAR's Standard 507 App. "B" Application for Flight Permit
CAR's Standard 507 App. "F" Ex-military Aircraft
CAR's Standard 507 App. "H" Eligible Aircraft for "Owner Mtc."

CAR's Maintenance Schedules "Quick Ref. Chart"
CAR's Standard 625 App. "B" Maintenance Schedules
CAR's Standard 625 App. "C" Out of Phase Tasks
CAR's Standard 625 App. "A" Elementary Maintenance Tasks
MD-RA Inspection Services

CAR's Standard 507.07 Aircraft Importation into Canada

NICO Type Certificates

Type Certificates

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