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Cessna 150M Details

Certified Aircraft For Sale > Cessna 150M

Cessna Aircraft Company
Year of Manufacture: 1975
Model: 150M

6295 Hours Total Time - Airframe
700 Hours Time Since Overhaul - Engine
500 Hours Time Since New - Propeller

*** $37,500 USD ***
No Damage History!

Wing / Tail Covers
Insulated Engine Cover with Intake Plugs

Engine: Continental O-200-A
Superior Millennium Cylinders
New Slick Magneto’s
New Slick Ignition Harness’s
New Tempest Spark Plugs
New Engine Baffle and Seals
New Rapco Vacuum Pump
New Master Solenoid
New Ignition switch with matched Door Lock
Brackett Induction Air Filter
Upgraded Induction Airbox / Carb Heat
New Exhaust
New Concorde Extra Capacity Sealed Battery
Exhauts Gas Temperature Probe (EGT)
Carburetor Air Temperature Probe
Digital Fuel Flow Indication
New Fuel Supply Hoses
New Engine Vernier Controls
Oil Filter Adapter
Electric Oil Pan Heat Pad
Unleaded Fuel Approved

Vortex Generators
Improved Fuel Tank Vent System
Vented Fuel Caps
New Fuel Level Transmitters
L.E.D. Wingtip and Tail Nav. / Strobe Lights
L.E.D. Landing Light
Fresh Paint
Fresh Cabin Windows
Bubble Cabin Door Windows
New Aileron Hinges
New Elevator Trim Tab Hinge
Aileron Gap Seal Kit
Flap Gap Seal Kit
Tail Tie Down Skid
Auxiliary Fuel Tank and System 14.6 US Gallons Useable
New Seat Belts and Shoulder Harness
New Halon Fire Extinguisher
Fuel System Belly Drain Valve Modification Installed
Horizontal Stabilizer Erosion Boots

Propeller: McCauley 1A102 /OCM6948
Statically Balanced
Electronically Dynamic Balanced
Balance Provisions installed in Spinner Bulkhead

New SIRS Magnetic Compass
406Mhz / 121.50 Mhz. ELT System
E.I. Digital Superclock / Altitude Alerter / OAT
E.I. Digital Tachometer
E.I. Digital Fuel Flow / EGT
E.I. Digital Engine Oil Pressure / Temperature
E.I. Digital Carburetor Inlet Temperature / OAT
E.I. Digital Voltage / Amperage
Aerospace Logic Digital Fuel Quantity Indication System
RadioRax Avionics Mounting System
True Blue Power Dual USB Charging Ports
PS Engineering PMA4000 Audio Panel with Pilot Yoke Controls
Garmin GNC-250XL GPS / Comm.
Icom A210 Digital VHF Comm.
Garmin 296 Portable GPS in AirGizmos Angle Panel Adapter
Bendix / King KT-76C Transponder with Encoder (Mode A/C)
Auxiliary VHF Comm. Port and Antenna
NuLite Instrument Back Lighting with MaxDim Controller
Pull Type Circuit Breakers for new equipment

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